Documenting this space through the stories that people tell is part of the active research in learning more about the village of Knocklong, these incomplete and imperfect fragments of the built and decaying environment are important components in narration and relate to people, place, and history.


On every site visit, more often than not a guest would come and view the space. When you have insight into the place you are engaging with, and into the subject it becomes much more than an interview. You see the person with the design of sound and you think back to how you felt and what stuck you about that encounter.

Walsh's Shop

During site visits to Knocklong. I heard the story of the village. The community wanted to address the problem of Dereliction. The first space I documented was Walsh’s Shop. It has been described as having everything, from a needle to an anchor. Pauline Walsh told me everything about the shop, and boarded my understanding of dereliction in the village, from someone who has felt the lasting effects personally.



Walsh's Shop


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