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sounds of Knocklong

Cleeves Creamery

Cleeves Creamery


The project became an exploration of the dialogue between individual and place, highlighting the invisible interactions with the ambient sounds of the spaces allowed for the impact to be felt. Once people respond to the projectᅠthey made their own connections.

This was highlighted during the renovations of the creamery. A door opened to a place that was about to be lost, until January 2016,ᅠwhen Fiona Quinn, creative director of Co. Limerick Youth was approached by Knocklong’s development society, to device something around the rescue of Sean Hogan in Knocklong in 1919 for the annual history weekend. Fiona had a vision, as part of this theatre production which was to involve all artistic sectors, the main ethos behind this was to encourage people to connect and re-imagine their spaces, considering audience and public interaction ofᅠ derelict spaces

If not for this theatre production the creamery would have been demolished and the issue of dereliction in the village would be further away from getting addressed. It re-gained community involvement and spirit.


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